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They are beings from the spiritual world that inhabit the 4 elements that govern planet Earth. They are much older than man, in fact when the planet was an incandescent and lifeless mass, they were already present helping to prepare the ideal conditions for life. They are represented as humanized figures, dressed in a strange way and surrounded by much mystery.

Due to the great descriptive coincidence, which exists of them, in the different cultures of humanity (Celts, Sumerians, Egyptians, indigenous people of Africa and Polynesia, Chinese, etc.), it is possible to think that they always communicated with the human being maintaining a pattern energy that allows us to see and identify them.

Elementals have been loved and feared since ancient times and were invoked when the elements turned against men. They are dual beings, without a soul, they do not very clearly differentiate good from evil, that is why they are represented as mischievous and irresponsible. But if they ever serve evil they go backwards.

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Elements collection

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